Oxford10 & Cambridge10 Boat Race Party

Oxford10 and Cambridge10 are hosting a joint Boat Race Party on Saturday 24th March at Craven Cottage stadium, in Fulham. Buy your tickets here.

Imperial College & Oxford 10 Drinks

We regularly host events with other alumni associations such as Imperial College in our event last November, and many others including Harvard, MIT and Cambridge.

Welcome to Oxford10!

Oxford10 is the official young alumni community of Oxford University.


Oxford10 is the official London-based young alumni community of Oxford University.

We are run by volunteers and backed by the Alumni Relations team.

We’re creating a fun, empowered community who build each others’ capability during the first 10 years of our career and enrich the Oxford University student experience! Our mission is also to be the leading young alumni community in the UK in terms of the impact we have on each other and on our wider communities.

Take part in our events, share insights and perspectives, and bring your Oxford friends onboard. Join in!


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